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Somnath Trip – 5 : Bhalka Tirth Trip in Somnath


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I am happy to read mail from Vishal. He is actively discussing scope of tourism in Gujarat with his friends.

Nij Dham Prasthan Tirth trip (Trip A) may be taken morning or evening. But trip to Bhalka Tirth (Trip B) should be taken before tide time. It is better to start around 3 30 pm. This will help you have the ‘darshan’ of the sea Shivalinga at Shashi Bhushan Mahadev/ Bhid Bhanjan Ganeshaji Temple. If you are late, the Shivalingas may submerge in the sea waters; you may or may not have the glimpses of the Shivalinga during tides.

Trip to Bhalka Tirth may be initiated from Somnath Temple. Bhalka tirth is located 5 kms from Somnath Temple, on the old Somnath-Veraval Road. But, friends, please note that the new Somnath-Veraval road/bypass is being constructed presently.

On way to Bhalka Tirth from Somnath, you will come across boat-building centre in the creek of the sea. You will notice innumerable boats, with colourful flags. Tourists love doing photo-shoot here. 

Going ahead towards Bhalka, on the left side in a narrow lane, you may first visit Shashi Bhushan Mahadev/ Bhid Bhanjan Ganeshaji Temple. The temple was built in ancient times on the sea shore. Devotees believe that if you pray here, all your wishes are granted. They say Ganeshaji solves all your problems, hence the name Bhid Bhanjan Ganeshaji. Friends! You go behind the temple on the sea shore and you will have the ‘darshan’ of the sea Shivalingas. You may have glimpses of Shivalingas only before tide starts. Tide waters may submerge the Shivalingas.

Shashi Bushan Mahadev has ancient history. Perhaps your friend Preeti might have told you about it. It is said that a hunter named Jara mistakenly shot his arrow from this place and it hit Bhagwan  Shri Krishna who was resting under a tree, one km away at Bhalka.

Shashi Bhushan Mahadev/ Bhid Bhanjan Ganeshaji Temple can be observed, with a binocular, from Vallabh Ghat on the premises of the main Somnath Temple. Vallabh Ghat is in the backyards of Somnath Temple.

Bhalka Tirth dates back to the Mahabharat age. When the war of Mahabharat was over, Bhagwan Shri Krishna was gloomy with all devastation. He left Dwarika (Dwaraka) and came to Somnath. He was resting under a Peepal tree at Bhalka. Jara, a hunter, mistook his leg to be a deer and shot an arrow. The arrow hit Lord Krishna in the sole of his foot. At this place stands the Bhalka Tirth Temple today. It has an extraordinarily charming idol of Bhagwan Shri Krishna. Inside the Bhalka temple, there is the old tree below which is the idol of Yogeshwara Shri Krishna, with enchanting expressions on his face. Jara is seated beside him, bowing and repenting. Shri Krishna is preaching the hunter that all that happened was directed by God’s will. A captivating smile and compassion oozing from the eyes enhance the radiance of Shri Krishna’s face. Spend a couple of minutes with closed eyes and you will experience bliss inexpressible!

Remember- photography inside the Bhalka temple is not allowed. But you step out of the temple and shoot in the premises.

A huge Shiva Statue at Prajapita Brahmakumari centre and an ancient mosque also draw the attention of tourists. You may finish Bhalka Tirth trip (trip B) in about one and a half hour and return to Somnath Temple.

Next time more of Somnath tourist attractions.

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  1. What an interestin and informative post ! This is indeed a good blog for Somnath .... Sonal

  2. Thank you for such an information! We had our own vehicle and the map made it much easier to locate the places.. I had read your posts before my trip and my parents & friends were amazed at my knowledge on these historical places :D

    1. I am happy that the Somnath Trip posts at my Blog - Gujarat Tourism Redefined - helped to make your Somnath Trip comfortable. Thanks, Suhanaa, for the comment!