Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Somnath Trip – 3 : Historical and Religious places in Somnath


Dear Friends,

Somnath draws large number of tourists. Somnath has been known for its ancient history. Apart from Somnath temple, there are many other historical and religious places in Somnath.

If you wish to visit local places in Somnath, enlist them and prepare a plan for the visit. If you have your own vehicle, it’s fine. Otherwise decide your schedules and hire a vehicle.

Sturdy, rugged three-wheelers (rickshaws) are preferred for local transport. Sharing a vehicle is economical. One or two persons may opt for a shared rickshaw. But a larger group may opt for hiring big rickshaws. Big three-wheeler rickshaws, locally known as ‘CHHAKADA’, are available with capacity of 5 to 8 or more persons. Do you know, friends, ‘Chhakada’ are typical vehicles found in Saurashtra region of Gujarat? Sonali will mail you some images of ‘Chhakada’. Their drivers are expert. They make daily trips to and fro Sasan Gir (Gir Lion Sanctuary). Though little jerky and bumpy, the tourists enjoy these rides!

Your friend, Arpit, has suggested how to visit the local historical and religious tourist places in Somnath.

You can visit local tourist attractions of Somnath in two trips. Both are in different directions.

  1.  Trip A: Visit both Nij Dham Prasthan Tirth Complex and Triveni Ghat 
  2.  Trip B: Visit Bhalka Tirth

You may initiate the trip A near the Somnath Temple. Nij Dham Prasthan Tirth is some 2 kms away from the Somnath Temple and it is 10 minutes’ drive. Nij Dham Prasthan Tirth is a complex also known as Golok Dham or Dehotsarga. Nij Dham prasthan Tirth complex has a number of religious places located next to one another. Depending on your interest, you may devote 2 to 3 hours for trip A.

Trip B can also be initiated from Somnath Temple. Bhalka Tirth is about 5 kms from the Temple and a vehicle may take 15-20 minutes. You may take 60 to 90 minutes for trip B.

We will discuss these trips in details next time.

All best wishes.

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