Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Somnath Trip – 8 : Somnath Beach


Dear friends,

You heartily, devotedly visit Somnath Temple and then come out of the complex compound. As you leave the main gate of the entry, you will be heading to Somnath Beach. Somnath Beach is on the right side, hardly five minutes from the Somnath Temple compound gate.

Today the Somnath beach is not very cozy but good enough to pass time. Tourists take pleasure of splashes in the vicinity of sea-shore. But no one ventures farther into the sea waters. Though visible official warnings are not found along the sea-shore, Somnath Beach is not ideal for bathing or swimming.

On the Somnath beach, there are stalls of coconut-sellers. There are camel-rides and horse-rides. People usually throng around here. Just relax on the beach and watch the roaring waves! If you love fun, enjoy a camel ride. Or sip fresh coconut water.

If you like privacy, walk eastwards on the beach and go bit far away from these stalls. You will get privacy. Enjoy a stroll or sit and meditate without worldly interference! Inhale the beauty and serenity of the sea, the sky and the breeze. You will become one with divinity.

For the last few years, Somnath Beach is getting dirtier year after year. Tourists throw waste the way they like, the vendors also compete with them. The waste thrown by coconut sellers make the beach very dirty. Can’t they be provided with waste collection containers? Can’t we redefine the scene and redefine tourism on Somnath Beach?

Till recent years, the Somnath beach openly extended almost upto the Somnath Temple. And one could take a long walk on the beach going close to the temple. Even from a distant point on the beach, the Somnath Temple was in full view. It offered ample space for beach photography, with the magnificent Temple in the distant background. Alas! Today that view is lost. For security reasons, high rocky barricades are placed across the beach. These rocky stones obstruct most of the beach near the temple. The aesthetic view of the beach is sacrificed. Isn’t that a deadly jolt to tourism?

O Somnath lover! Doesn’t your heart bleed when you read this? Would you accept such a view of Somnath Beach? We endorse that the security of Somnath Temple is of paramount importance. More than a historical and religious place, Somnath Temple is our national pride. But still there should be some better ways to tackle the issue. There is a dire need for redefining Gujarat tourism. Here where the role of ‘Gujarat Tourism Redefined’ comes into picture. Will Gujarat Tourism and Indian Tourism take some steps to restore the image of Somnath Beach and Somnath Temple? Let us wait.

If you love photography, be on the beach early in the morning. If it’s summer, be there by 5 30; if its winter be there by 7 am. Find your best spots. And start your work when the tourists are few and no one to disturb you.

Inhale the Divine Khushboo Somnath ki! Enjoy Khushboo Gujarat ki!

Jay Somnath!

Jay Somnath!


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