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Somnath Trip – 10 : Do's and Don’ts – Somnath


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Somnath is an important tourist destination in India. It is a prominent historical and religious tourist place in Gujarat.

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You often ask: What are Dos and Don’ts for Somnath Temple?

In order to make your Somnath visit comfortable, keep the following points in mind. Hope these tips for Somnath trip will make your Somnath visit memorable.

Tips for Somnath Temple
Dos and Don’ts for Somnath Visit (Somnth Trip) :

About Visiting Somnath:

  • Somnath is heavily flooded with tourists in the months of October-November and late December, April-May and August.
  • Tourists visit Somnath in large numbers during festivals of Maha Shivaratri, Diwali – New Year day, Kartika Poornima and in the month of Shraawan.
  • If you are lucky, you will encounter less rush during first 15 days of December, first fortnight of January or February.
  • Gujarat Tourism and Somnath Trust are trying their best to provide tourist services. However, their staff is not techno-savvy. Their on-line services often do not work. Tourists should always follow-up with telephonic call to confirm details.
  • The best way to visit Somnath is going by your own vehicle. Or reach Somnath by train and hire one at Somnath as and when needed.

About visiting Somnath Temple Complex:

  • Somnath Temple Complex is heavily guarded, high security area. You can enter only after passing through full security check up. You may carry cell phones/ digital cameras/ purse/small bag/cameras etc in the compound.
  • Personal photography is allowed ONLY in the limited area of the Compound of the Somnath Temple Complex.
  • Photography is prohibited as you approach the Digvijay Dwaar that leads you to the main Temple. You cannot shoot around or inside the main temple area.
  • You must enter the Temple barefooted. Remove belt and shoes/ chappals before joining the queue.
  • You cannot carry ANYTHING with you when you join the Queue for entry to the main Temple area. Of course, you may carry cash money. Even you may be allowed to carry identity card, ID proof, paper items and perhaps pen.
  • Cameras or mobile phones are NOT allowed. Electronic or digital devices, battery operated devices, torch, purse, belts, bags, plastic bags, sharpened items, eatables, bottles – Nothing can be carried.
  • Entrust your belongings to a person of your group and go for ‘Darshan’ turn by turn; or deposit your belongings at the Locker Room.
  • Locker Room (Cloak Room) is located on the left side in the Compound.
  • You can deposit your shoes/ chappals at the ‘JOOTA GHAR’. It is also located on the left side of the Compound, near the Locker Room.
  • Both Locker Room and Joota Ghar often present scenes of heavy rush, noisy interactions and chaos. They may consume lot of your time and energy, especially in the evenings.
  • A better idea to visit Temple is: Divide your group into two parties. Both parties can visit Temple turn by turn. One party may go for Darshan free-handed while the other party is seated on the benches in the compound with all belongings, with chappals even.
  • The best way to visit Somnath Temple is: VISIT EMPTY-HANDED. Do not carry anything with you and stay freed from all worries.
  • Inside the temple area, you may buy Prasaad. You may also buy tickets for Sound and Light show there. Money is allowed to be carried inside the Temple.
  • While visiting Temple, you may carry cash money on your person. You will need them to buy Prasaad inside the Temple area. You will also need money to offer Bhet/ Donation / do Vidhi/ buy tickets for Sound and Light Show. Carry enough cash.

Make your Somnath Trip enjoyable with these tips!

Inhale the Divine Khushboo Somnath ki! Enjoy Khushboo Gujarat ki!

Jay Somnath!


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